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Summerlin red eye doctor

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Treating stubborn red eye Summerlin 

Summerlin red eye doctor
Summerlin red eye doctor

Have you been suffering from red eye? Is this persistent eye problem seeming to resist your home care remedies? If you need to see an expert optometrist who can help you with treatment for your stubborn red eye, you will want to see Dr. Romy Park. At our Romy Park, OD practice, our Summerlin red eye doctor will be able to treat your red eye effectively, and help you get rid of this annoying problem.
Red eye is actually a term that is used to describe the appearance of the eyes. However, red eye can be caused by many different problems. Red eye can occur in either one or both eyes, and can be the result of injury, illness, eye infections, or even allergies. Red eyes alone do not call for immediate treatment as they can easily be caused by a harmless situation such as fatigue or a bad cold. However, your Summerlin red eye doctor will be able to diagnose the reason for the red eye and then proceed with the proper treatment, based on her diagnosis. Red eye can also be accompanied with other eye symptoms such as: watery and itchy eyes; swollen eyelids; or a thick or watery discharge. There may even be a crusting on the eyelids.
Red eyes are caused when the blood vessels on the surface of the eye become irritated. This can be harmless symptom of allergy, or a medical emergency. Dr. Park will be able to determine if the red eye indicates a more serious problem such as conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, scleritis or even acute glaucoma. If there is a discharge from the eye, or any pain associated with the redness, you should come in and see our Summerlin red eye doctor immediately. Let our office know your symptoms and concerns and we will try our best to make room in our schedule for you. Dr. Park will be able to determine the correct diagnosis after you have had a complete eye exam, and has answers to questions about your medical history. In many cases, the red eyes will clear up on their own. You may be diagnosed with dry eyes, and Dr. Park will be able to recommend prompt and easy care to help fix this annoying problem. Other treatments will depend on the diagnosis. But you can be sure that Dr. Park will accurately diagnose the cause of your red eye, and then recommend the best treatment. There is no need to suffer from this problem and worry about the causes. Make an appointment to visit our office, and have your red eye problem taken care of soon.

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