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Summerlin Glaucoma Treatment

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Summerlin Glaucoma Treatment
Summerlin Glaucoma Treatment

Are you looking for an eye care practice that will provide you with excellent glaucoma care? If so, you will want to come to our practice, Romy Park, OD, to be seen by our expert optometrist, Dr. Romy Park. Dr. Park has over 10 years of experience in providing exemplary eye care to patients in our area. At our practice, Dr. Park uses state-of-the-art computerized equipment to help accurately diagnose and monitor various eye problems. At our practice we also have digital photography that is used to accurately access the overall health of your eyes and is able to pick up on the very earliest signs of diseases. At our practice our doctor also is able to provide excellent Summerlin glaucoma treatment and management.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can be devastating to your vision. It can cause partial or complete vision loss. One particular thing about glaucoma is that it shows no obvious symptoms in the early stages. In fact, the general symptom most often recognized is a loss of peripheral vision. Unfortunately, this symptom is not obvious until the disease has seriously progressed. However, when patients have comprehensive eye exams it is very easy to be diagnosed with glaucoma when it is in the early stages. Glaucoma is initially recognized when our optometrist uses an instrument to determine your eye pressure, and the eye pressure is high. At this point additional tests are needed to make a definitive diagnosis. Once diagnosed, our optometrist will be able to provide you with Summerlin glaucoma treatment and monitoring.

Patients who have periodic eye exams who develop glaucoma will usually have it diagnosed at a very early stage. At this point glaucoma can be easily treated and managed with medicated eye drops that the patient will use to keep their eye pressure low. Patients will also need to come in to see our optometrist on a regularly scheduled basis so that any progression of the disease can be monitored. However, generally when glaucoma is diagnosed in the early stages it will never proceed to cause patients to experience any vision loss. There are basically two different types of glaucoma; open angle, and closed angle glaucoma. When glaucoma is diagnosed it is also diagnosed in terms of the exact disease which is present. If you would like to see our eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam, or for Summerlin glaucoma treatment, contact us today.

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