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Summerlin Glaucoma Treatment

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Treating Eye disease in Summerlin

Are you concerned that you have not had a complete eye exam in several years? If so, it is easy to erase this concern – make an appointment today to visit our fine optometrist for a complete eye exam. Generally patients are able to leave our exams with a clean bill of eye health. However, if an eye disease or disorder is detected you will be lucky to have caught it sooner rather than later. Most eye diseases show no obvious symptoms in the early stages. However, eye diseases generally respond better to early treatment, and are easier to treat in the early stages. For example, patients who receive Summerlin glaucoma treatment at our office know that they are lucky to have been diagnosed while glaucoma was still in its early stages.

Summerlin Glaucoma Treatment
Summerlin Glaucoma Treatment

At our fine practice, Romy Park, OD, our optometrist is Dr. Romy Park. She has over ten years’ of experience and is dedicated to treating our patients and keeping their eyes in great health. Our office is state-of-the-art. For this reason, it is possible for Dr. Park to make quick and accurate diagnoses for various eye diseases and conditions. Glaucoma is an eye disease that needs to be treated to prevent vision loss. However our doctor cannot proceed with treating eye disease that the patient does not know he or she has. Glaucoma shows very few symptoms in the early stages so many patients do not even know they have the disease. The earlier glaucoma is diagnosed the earlier a patient can receive Summerlin Glaucoma treatment. Unfortunately vision lost to glaucoma cannot generally be recovered, so the earlier glaucoma is diagnosed the better.

In its early stages, glaucoma can generally be fully treated by Summerlin glaucoma treatment at our practice. This treatment will involve monitoring of the disease by Dr. Park, and the use of medicated eye drops. Patients will need to have their eye pressure monitored on a consistent basis to make sure the eye drops are working well. This may well halt any progression of the disease, and vision will not be lost at all. If the disease is diagnosed at a later stage, our patient may be referred to an ophthalmologist for laser surgery to halt the disease’s progression. In later stages, general surgery may be needed to stop glaucoma from progressing. These treatments are basically to stop progression of the disease – not to restore lost vision. Why not come in and see Dr. Park for a comprehensive eye exam soon, so that you will definitely know that your eyes are in great health.

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