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Treating vision loss

Summerlin Glaucoma Doctor
Summerlin Glaucoma Doctor

There are many benefits to scheduling regular eye exams. Eye exams are not just for people who already have eye diseases or patients who have any kind of vision impairment. Regular eye exams and checkups are necessary for all kinds of patients and for patients of all ages. While some risk factors may dictate how often you see your eye doctor, it is always a good idea to make sure that you are aware of what those factors are. Here in Summerlin glaucoma doctor Romy Park, OD can provide you with comprehensive eye care that can also help treat eye disease, vision loss, and prevent conditions such as glaucoma.

One of the many benefits of regular eye exams is the possibility for early detection. Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma, yield little to no noticeable symptoms by the suffering patient during their earlier stages. It is exactly this time that treatment is preferable. This is because as time passes and symptoms do occur, it is often because damage has also already occurred and often manifests itself in the form of some kind or degree of vision loss. Such is the case with glaucoma. This is why regular appointments are so important. Even though eye diseases like glaucoma have risk factors and are more prone to happen in patients that have a family medical history of the disease, that does not mean that patients who do not should not be concerned. Annual eye appointments here with Romy Park, OD at our eye care offices in Summerlin can help keep an eye out for such eye conditions. If any arise and are identified, Dr. Park will be able to monitor your symptoms and progression, providing you with the treatment you need along the way.

Don’t let your eye health go unchecked. If you have any risk factors for eye disease, have a family medical history of an eye disease, are experiencing any new symptoms or simply have not had your eyes checked via an exam in some time, then call us here in Summerlin glaucoma doctor and schedule an appointment with Romy Park, OD today.

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