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Designer Eyeglasses in Summerlin

Summerlin Eyeglasses
Summerlin Eyeglasses

Seeing better does not have to be a bland experience. At the office of Romy Park, OD, you can get the thrill of selecting a great-looking pair of designer eyeglasses that let you tell the world exactly what your taste is.

Of course, there isn’t much benefit from our Summerlin eyeglasses if they aren’t giving you excellent vision. Unless you can be certain that how you’re seeing right now is representing the sharpest and clearest vision that you’re capable of, there is an opportunity to improve it. In any event, it is highly recommended that you have a yearly eye exam at our office. Your visual needs are always evolving. So you may have never needed our Summerlin eyeglasses in the past, but now could be the perfect time to put them to use. Our optometrist writes out the prescription that you need, and our optical department fills it for your convenience. Now you just need a pair of frames to go around your lenses. We’re proud to present our wide array of options, which cover the most respected and trusted brand names in designer eyewear. You might like something that is subtle and businesslike, or perhaps you would rather go with something that draws attention to you. We have so many shapes, styles, and colors that you’re certain to identify more than one possibility. Or if you have something specific in mind, just ask us. We’re always happy to meet your needs anytime it’s possible. Comfort is a high priority with us, as well. Your new designer eyeglasses will not pinch your nose or dig in around your ears. They also won’t be too loose and move around when you’re trying to read or focus on something.

Please reach out to us and set up an appointment to come in for an eye exam and to select what you want from among our Summerlin eyeglasses.

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