Summerlin eye exams

Summerlin Eye Exams

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It’s recommended that everyone have our Summerlin eye exams once per year. There are good reasons for this, including making sure that you are seeing the best you can, and screening for common eye diseases. We’re committed to your optimal eyesight and the well-being of your eyes in general. And it’s because of this dedication to you, our valued patient, that our eye exams feature state-of-the-art computerized equipment and digital records. We want you to have every advantage, both today and in the future.

Compared to eye exams in the past, the one you will get at our optical store is outstandingly accurate, thanks to the advanced instruments that are not available. Some things never change though, and that is our goals. If you have never worn eyeglasses or contact lenses before, this could be the year when you can finally benefit from them. And even if you have been a long time user of corrective lenses, an update to your existing prescription could be needed. Your vision needs change constantly, and what used to be ideal for you may no longer be. Our Summerlin eye exams are based on the premise that seeing just “okay” should not be good enough. We want you to enjoy the sharpest and clearest eyesight possible.

Did you know that most eye diseases form and progress without any warning signs at all? It’s true. By the time you are aware that something is wrong, it is typically because you have noticed some degree of vision loss or have suffered eye damage, either of which might not be reversible. This is why our Summerlin eye exams annually are an essential part of good eye care. And once again, we are proud to have the very latest in diagnostic tools so that if you have any indications of eye disease, we can detect it as soon as possible. Early detection is closely linked to the odds for the best outcomes. And with digital records, we can compare your test results from year to year, which allows our eye doctor to note any changes that could be an alert of a potential issue.

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