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When coming to see our Summerlin eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam, our friendly staff will greet you and explain all the tests that will be a part of your exam. We will ask you about your medical history and want to know of any vision problems you may presently be experiencing. Your “visual acuity” (how clearly you can see) is then measured, which will help to determine your most current prescription for eyeglasses. Various tests will be performed during your eye exam, all designed to evaluate your vision and examine the appearance and function of each part of your eye. The refraction assessment helps to determine the lens prescription that will give you the clearest, sharpest vision. In some cases, refraction assessment has also revealed that corrective lenses were not needed at all. With this test light waves are bent as they pass through your lens and cornea. If the light rays don’t focus perfectly on the back of your eye, you have “refractive error.” Having refractive error means, in order to see clearly, you need some form of correction, such as glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery.

89103 Optical Exams
89103 Optical Exams

Our Summerlin eye doctor, Romy Park, OD, also uses a test called Ophthalmoscopy to see inside the back of your eye, and other structures. Wearing a light attached to a headband, and using a small handheld magnifying lens (ophthalmoscope), Dr. Park performs indirect ophthalmoscopy. This provides a wider view of the inside of your eye, making it easier to see if your lens is clouded by cataracts. Your eye exam will also include a test that uses an eye chart to check your vision at different distances, and a tonometry test uses a painless puff of air to flatten your cornea to test your eye pressure.

If you are having difficulty distinguishing certain colors, Dr. Park will also screen your vision for a color deficiency. Another test in your eye exam is a slit-lamp examination which magnifies and illuminates the front of your eyes with an intense line of light. This test is done to examine your eyelids, lashes, cornea, lens, iris, and fluid chamber, which will show any damaged cells. Depending on your age, medical history, and risk of developing eye disease, you may need more specialized tests. After the various tests are complete, our Summerlin eye doctor discusses the results of your exam with you and answers any questions you have concerning your eyes.

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