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Summerlin Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses to treat astigmatism in Summerlin

There was a time when contact lenses were not suitable for effectively treating astigmatism, but that is no longer the case. Along with the other impressive advancements in lens technology, such as sharper and clearer vision, and greater comfort, we at the practice of Romy Park, OD, can assure you that your astigmatism will be addressed with our Summerlin contact lenses.

What exactly is astigmatism? With nearsightedness and farsightedness, the vision deficiency is caused by the misshapen cornea that is directing light toward the front or back of the retina instead of the center, which would be associated with 20/20 vision or close to it. Astigmatism is also a result of corneal shape, but in this instance, light is refracted unevenly. This makes it so that you can see only a portion of what you’re focusing on at one time. So you find that your vision is blurry, which can occur at any distance, not just up close or far away. Our optometrist diagnoses astigmatism when you come in for a yearly eye exam. Of course, as part of this comprehensive checkup, you may discover that you have nearsighted, farsightedness, or both, as well. Whatever your visual needs are, the goal is to find the prescription that is best suited to improving how you see on a daily basis. An eyeglass prescription is not the same as one for contacts, because of the proximity of the contacts to your eyes. Our optical department puts your prescription into our Summerlin contact lenses of your choosing and then they are fitted to you for both vision and comfort. It’s really that simple. We have various options for you, so that no matter your taste and preferences, you’ll find the ones that are ideal.

Set up an appointment with our office. And if you have astigmatism, you can take advantage of our Summerlin contact lenses to treat it.

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