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Dry eyes in Las Vegas NV

Optometry in Las Vegas NV
Optometry in Las Vegas NV

If your eyes have been feeling irritated, you may be suffering with dry eyes. Dry eye is a very common eye condition. Our doctor of optometry in Las Vegas NV, Romy Park, can provide you with a comprehensive eye exam and let you know whether or not you suffer with dry eye.

Dry eye is a frequently found eye condition that often develops as a patient ages. It can be related to hormonal changes, or simply other aging factors. Many patients develop dry eye due to environmental conditions. If you work in an environment that is dusty or extremely dry, or your home has a very dry environment, this can make your dry eye become worse. Patients with dry eye can experience many different symptoms including eyes that are dry, eyes that excessively tear, eyes that are irritated, or intermittent blurred vision. While dry eye in itself is not a serious eye condition, it can go on to cause permanent damage to the cornea if the condition is allowed to continue untreated for a long period of time. Dry eye is generally caused when a patient does not create enough tears in their eye, or the tears that are created are of an inferior quality. The eye needs tears to lubricate and cleanse them. Our doctor of optometry in Las Vegas will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam which will screen your eyes for many different eye diseases and disorders. Dry eye is very easy to diagnose and treat. In the mildest cases of dry eye, a patient may simply be instructed to use over-the-counter artificial tear solutions. However, in mild to moderate cases of dry eye, our optometrist may prescribe medicated eye drops which will help to keep your eyes well lubricated as well as solve other eye problems. In the most advanced cases of dry eye, surgery may be needed to permanently close the tear ducts so that tears can stay in the eyes as long as needed.

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