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Glaucoma Testing Summerlin

Are you having an increasingly difficult time seeing around the edge of your car when you drive? Does parking in a tight space seem much harder to judge now than it once was? If you are over 40 and having a hard time seeing out of the corner of your eye, it could be more than just age. Loss of peripheral vision or seeing out of the sides of your visual field is one of the first symptoms of the optical disease known as glaucoma, which is diagnosed most often in patients over the age of 40. Glaucoma rarely shows symptoms, and as such the only way to confirm its presence and save your sight from harm is through a state of the art eye exam from your local optometrist in Summerlin at the offices of Romy Park, OD.

Illnesses of the eye sound rare, but in fact these diseases are the number one cause of blindness in the United States. Glaucoma is most often detected by an abnormally high amount of intraocular pressure. However, this number varies for everyone, and as such additional testing is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Testing for glaucoma often includes slit lamp examinations, eye dilation, or the use of the computerized imaging to detect the source of your rise in intraocular pressure. Glaucoma testing is never painful nor invasive, but is necessary for your trusted optometrist in Summerlin to accurately diagnose the illness and begin treatment as soon as possible.

89103 Glaucoma Eye Care
89103 Glaucoma Eye Care

While surgery is one option for treatment of glaucoma, the disease when diagnosed in its earliest stages can be treated by simpler and less expensive means. The first stages of glaucoma are most often treated by your professional optometrist in Summerlin through the use of specialized eye drops. This liquid medication works to reduce the amount of fluid produced in the front of your eyes, or to simply increase its outflow to regulate intraocular fluid movement and return the pressure inside your eyes to normal levels. Certain types of glaucoma medications can affect heart or lung prescription, so patients should always be mindful to discuss any medications they are taking with their ophthalmologist to insure no side effects occur.

When you need diagnosis and treatment for the care of optical diseases, be sure to visit your neighborhood optometrist in Summerlin. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the state of the art practice of Romy Park, OD have been proudly serving your local community in treating cases just like yours for well over a decade. Our team utilizes the latest in digital photography to detect diseases more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With the help of Romy Park, OD your eyes can be saved from the damages of glaucoma.

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