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Eyeglass Store Summerlin

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Our Summerlin eyeglass store is the place to come when you want a pair of sunglasses. Whether regular or prescription, we have a variety of designer choices for you to select from. Something for everyone’s sense of style and something for everyone’s budget is available. So, whether you need them for driving, for days at the beach, or just to look fantastic, come on in today and pick out the pair that is perfect for you.

Optical Goods Summerlin

Optical Goods Summerlin

Besides fashionability, there is also a practical side to your sunglasses and that is protecting you from the sun, particularly those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Whenever you are outdoors and the sun is strong, you should always have a pair of quality sunglasses to shield your eyes from damage. Some people also have sensitive eyes and need to have sunglasses simply to feel comfortable when they are outdoors. Our Summerlin eyeglass store is here to help.

Prescription sunglasses can be a tremendous luxury to have. After all, switching back and forth from your shades to your regular eyeglasses is not very convenient. And in some cases, such as driving during the daylight hours, and going to the beach, it may be impossible to get everything you need out of either one. With your prescription sunglasses from our Summerlin eyeglass store, you cannot only avoid the sun’s glare in your car, but also see the road and the street signs sharply; and that bestseller that you have wanted to read as you lounge on the sand? That will be a lot easier to do when you don’t have to shield your eyes from the sun’s penetrating glare.

If you need an updated prescription or a new one, make an appointment with Dr. Romy Park, our optometrist. And then pick out a pair of exciting frames from among the designer sunglasses we offer. J. Lo, Sofia Loren, Randy Jackson, and Nikon are just some of the familiar names that you can get at our Summerlin eyeglass store. There are certainly many good reasons to have a pair of sunglasses, whether or not you need a prescription pair. Make sure to come see us when you’re ready.

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