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Las Vegas eye disease testing

Eye care in Vegas

Las Vegas eye disease testing

Las Vegas eye disease testing

If it has been a while since you and your family have received their regularly scheduled eye exams, you will want to make an appointment with our office to have complete vision and eye testing. Romy Park, OD is specially trained to provide expert comprehensive eye exams for your entire family. So if you are in need of Las Vegas eye disease testing we hope to be seeing you at our practice soon. Dr. Park has been providing expert eye care for her patients for over ten years.

When you come to our office for complete vision and eye testing, you will receive a comprehensive eye exam that may take up to an hour. If you need a prescription and fitting for contact lenses it may take even longer. So be prepared to spend some time with our doctor. But when you leave our office, you will know that you are taking the very best possible care of your eyes. Las Vegas eye disease testing with Dr. Park is both thorough and painless.

Dr. Park uses state-of-the-art computerized equipment to provide you with the most accurate eye exam and prescriptions possible. She also uses digital photography to correctly asses the overall health of your eyes. This type of exam will pick up on the earliest signs of eye diseases, which is very important. Many eye diseases have no obvious symptoms in the early stages, and people may not even be aware they have them. When eye diseases are diagnosed early, there are generally more treatment options available, and treatments are more likely to be effective. This is especially important in eye diseases like glaucoma; vision lost to glaucoma can never be reclaimed. It is the leading cause of blindness in the US. Dr. Park also specializes in fitting contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, or patients who need multifocal contact lenses. So whatever your eye care needs, you can be confident that Dr. Park will be able to provide you with the most expert eye care. It is very important to have timely Las Vegas eye disease testing. If it has been too long since you or members of your family have had your eyes checked, give our office a call today to set up an appointment.

Romy Park, O.D.
3615 S. Rainbow Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: 702-641-2007

Local Summerlin Optometrist

Eye Care 89103

At Romy Park, OD, your local Summerlin optometrist, we specialize in the co-management of LASIK and PRK surgery. As part of our commitment to providing our patients with expert, individualized vision care, our expert and dedicated staff is available to answer any LASIK and PRK surgery concerns you may have.

LASIK and PRK surgery are surgical procedures designed to improve vision and give patients “best possible” eyesight. LASIK is currently the most common vision correction surgery done today, whereas PRK is . But as important as the surgical procedure itself is the management of the surgery in both the pre-operative and post-surgical care.

Eye Doctors 89103

Eye Doctors 89103

Prior to laser surgery it’s important to receive a pre-operative evaluation. We offer our patients counseling regarding eye surgery and the options that are available to them. We can make a referral to a trusted and experienced eye surgeon. We can examine the eyes of those interested in laser surgery in order to determine their surgical candidacy. We will discuss the goals, benefits and limitations of eye surgery and help you to decide, with an educated and informed decision, if eye surgery is right for you.

Post surgery, we will continue to provide you with support. We will make sure the eyes are healing properly and will evaluate your healing. Often after laser surgery patients need new eyewear like reading glasses or sunglasses, and as your local Summerlin optometrist we are here to offer everything you need as you go forward with your surgery. After surgery we will be here to make sure your vision health is cared for long term.

If you are considering laser surgery make an appointment to consult with our experts first. It’s important that you know all of your options and the risks factors involved before you make a decision. At Romy Park, OD, your go-to Summerlin optometrist office we will make sure that you go into surgery knowing what you are getting into and what. Post-surgery we will make sure we will provide the support you need as you make a healthy and speedy recovery.

LASIK Surgery Co-Management Summerlin
3615 S. Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Eye Doctor Las Vegas

Eye Doctor Las Vegas

Our Eye Doctors of Las Vegas provide quality eye care to families and individuals in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We provide you with the most variety of optometric eye care services in Las Vegas.

Make the Walmart Vision Centers your one-stop shop for all your eye care needs. Get professional eye exams, expert advice and valuable savings on top brand frames, lenses, contact lenses and eye care essentials. With thirteen locations in the Las Vegas metro area, each with its own licensed and independent doctor of optometry, a Las Vegas Walmart Vision Center is just minutes away.

Schedule your Annual Eye Exam with an Independent Eye Doctor today! Read More about Local Eye Doctors in Las Vegas.