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Are you have trouble seeing, even though your prescription for vision correction is up to date? If you are having trouble seeing objects up close or reading from your favorite novel or e-reader, you may be developing another sight problem. As we grow older, our eyes can actually develop more problems, even as our current optical conditions such as astigmatism plateau. However, there are means of diagnosing and treating the issues to continue your life with clear vision. At the offices of your local Las Vegas optometrist of Romy Park, OD our fully licensed and professionally trained team can work with you to keep your eyes seeing their best with the right lenses for your vision.

Complete Eye Care in Las Vegas
Complete Eye Care in Las Vegas

Astigmatism can cause many of us to have sight problems at multiple distances. Unlike other optical conditions, which require what most believe to be regular lenses that are specially tuned to correct sight at near or distance vision, astigmatism requires special lenses to insure the prescription you need matches the shape of your eyes. The shape of every single person’s eyes are different, and the sight conditions we live with change then ever more as they continue to develop. As we grow older, astigmatism tops out, however, age brings other sight problems. If you are experiencing vision problems apart from your astigmatism, you should never hesitate to visit your local Las Vegas optometrist to ask how aging changes your sight, and what you can do about it.

If you are over the age of 40 and having problems with sight, even with a prescription you believe to be up to date, you are most likely experiencing the symptoms of presbyopia. As eyes age, the flexible natural lens of these important organs often stiffens, causing your vision to become weaker as it tries to focus on objects and text up close. For most this means ophthalmic eyeglasses, but for those with severe cases of astigmatism, prescription contact lenses often provide clearer vision than glasses. Fortunately, the later advances in technology have pushed for multifocal contact lenses, available for your vision needs at your local Las Vegas optometrist.

Multifocal contact lenses can offer the same vision treatment as bifocal and progressive lenses do for those with multiple optical conditions. Presbyopia does not mean the end of contact lenses, or that you need to have reading glasses for work or reading at home in leisure. Made from the same gas permeable lenses as contacts for high grades of astigmatism, our multifocal lenses at your local Las Vegas optometrist of Romy Park, OD can be made comfortably and perfectly for your unique vision needs. Dr. Park and our fully licensed and professional trained team work with the latest technology to give you your best sight, no matter what your age or level of vision correction.

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