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Las Vegas eye disease testing

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Eye care in Vegas

Las Vegas eye disease testing
Las Vegas eye disease testing

If it has been a while since you and your family have received their regularly scheduled eye exams, you will want to make an appointment with our office to have complete vision and eye testing. Romy Park, OD is specially trained to provide expert comprehensive eye exams for your entire family. So if you are in need of Las Vegas eye disease testing we hope to be seeing you at our practice soon. Dr. Park has been providing expert eye care for her patients for over ten years.

When you come to our office for complete vision and eye testing, you will receive a comprehensive eye exam that may take up to an hour. If you need a prescription and fitting for contact lenses it may take even longer. So be prepared to spend some time with our doctor. But when you leave our office, you will know that you are taking the very best possible care of your eyes. Las Vegas eye disease testing with Dr. Park is both thorough and painless.

Dr. Park uses state-of-the-art computerized equipment to provide you with the most accurate eye exam and prescriptions possible. She also uses digital photography to correctly asses the overall health of your eyes. This type of exam will pick up on the earliest signs of eye diseases, which is very important. Many eye diseases have no obvious symptoms in the early stages, and people may not even be aware they have them. When eye diseases are diagnosed early, there are generally more treatment options available, and treatments are more likely to be effective. This is especially important in eye diseases like glaucoma; vision lost to glaucoma can never be reclaimed. It is the leading cause of blindness in the US. Dr. Park also specializes in fitting contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, or patients who need multifocal contact lenses. So whatever your eye care needs, you can be confident that Dr. Park will be able to provide you with the most expert eye care. It is very important to have timely Las Vegas eye disease testing. If it has been too long since you or members of your family have had your eyes checked, give our office a call today to set up an appointment.

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