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Contact lens exams and fittings in Summerlin

Eye shop Summerlin
Eye shop Summerlin

If you need corrective lenses but would prefer to not get glasses, you might want to consider contact lenses instead. To get contact lenses, you’ll need to see a professional optometrist like one at our Eye shop Summerlin. Our eye doctor, Romy Park, OD will need to perform a contact lens exam and fitting.

While most people can get them, there are certain qualifications to get contact lenses. Since they are placed inside the eye, your overall eye health must be good to get them. A professional optometrist like Dr. Romy Park at our Eye shop Summerlin will need to assess the overall health of your eyes by doing a comprehensive eye examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for them. If you are, you’ll discuss the different types of contact lens options, so you can decide what the best type would be for you based on many important factors. To meet your needs, the contact lenses you pick need to meet certain requirements. They need to: fit on the eye properly, be comfortable, provide you with the clear vision you need and suit your lifestyle and personal preference. You will have to get a special exam called a contact lens exam and fitting to accomplish this. Dr. Park also offers many other quality eyecare services to our patients. If you prefer eyeglasses, she’ll perform an eye exam and will provide you with the appropriate eyeglass prescription for you. Dr. Park utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide you with the quality eye exams and care you need. Her state of the art computerized equipment and digital records provide you with the most accurate prescriptions.

If you’re considering contact lenses, you should consult with our expert eye doctor. Contact our Eye shop Summerlin right now to schedule your contact lens exam and fitting appointment.

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