Eye exam in The Lakes

Eye Exam in The Lakes

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A vision screening is fine, and our optical store does one as part of our eye exam, but you need more than just that and that’s why we also test you for the most common eye diseases, too. Don’t be fooled into thinking that due to your age or the fact that you feel perfectly fine that it means you don’t need to be concerned about conditions of the eye. The truth is that these diseases don’t have any symptoms to alert you to their presence during their early stages. So, they can form and progress all without you having any idea. That’s why you need more than a vision screening.

We recommend our eye exam in The Lakes once per year for all our valued patients. Your vision needs are always evolving, so even if you already wear corrective lenses, you may require an update to your prescription in order to restore the sharpest and clearest vision that you’re able to achieve. And if you’ve never worn eyeglasses or contact lenses before, ask yourself if your vision is all it can be. You may be squinting or struggling to see up close or at a distance. But even if your vision is “okay,” you shouldn’t have to settle for that. Prescription lenses can make your vision experience much better. In terms of eye disease, glaucoma and cataracts can affect you regardless of how young you are, your medical history, or genetics. Our eye exam in The Lakes tests everyone for those. If applicable to you, testing will also be done for diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration. The best outcomes are closely associated with early detection of eye diseases.

Just contact our office and let us schedule you for our eye exam in The Lakes. It’s quick and painless. And it’s a great idea for your eye health and your optimal vision.

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