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Eye Doctor in Summerlin

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Eye Doctor in Summerlin
Eye Doctor in Summerlin

Your eye health is very sensitive, and specialists recommend that patients of all backgrounds and medical needs visit their eye doctor regularly. Risk factors or no, anyone can develop an eye condition or suffer from an eye related injury, infection or other issue that requires accurate care. Here with eye doctor in Summerlin, Romy Park, OD, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. Dr. Park can provide patients of all ages and needs with completely comprehensive eye exams with the help of state of the art computerized equipment and digital records to ensure the most accurate eye care possible.

Individuals should schedule regular visits with their eye doctor about as often as they schedule routine physicals and checkups with their general physician or with their dentist. Eye health is incredibly delicate and any conditions that arise can easily cause damage to the eye and to vision capabilities if treatment is not provided early enough. Early detection is key when it comes to preserving eyesight and vision capabilities, which is where eye exams come in handy. With routine visits here with our eye doctor in Summerlin, you can have your eye health monitored closely. Romy Park, OD uses state of the art computerized equipment that can gather accurate readings and measurements. With the help of digital records, Dr. Park can monitor your eye health much more easily and much more closely. By comparing your results with those of previous visits, Dr. Park may be able to better detect even the smallest changes or disparities. This can make a huge difference when it comes to catching, diagnosing and treating an eye disease or other related condition. These comprehensive eye exams can provide a lot of useful information that may be able to help preserve your eye health and your vision.

If you are in need of an eye exam, have a preexisting condition, are a high risk patient, or have been experiencing any new or strange eye related symptoms, then Romy Park, OD can provide you with the complete care that you need. Call us here at our office to schedule an appointment with Park or to learn more about the benefits of our state of the art equipment today.

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