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Treating stubborn red eye in Summerlin

Eye doctor in Summerlin
Eye doctor in Summerlin

Are you sick of suffering from stubborn red eye? With one call to your local eye doctor in Summerlin, Dr. Romy Park, OD, you can receive the careful treatment you deserve to move past your red eye and on with your life!

At the practice of Dr. Romy Park, OD, our kind and seasoned staff is devoted to helping patients receive the optical treatment they need to achieve excellent vision with minimal discomfort. We believe that respecting and educating our patients is as important as providing them top tier treatment; that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that we offer services for the whole family in an environment where patients of all ages can feel comfortable and welcome. Our services include comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses as well as the exams and fittings necessary, pediatric eye exams, eye infection treatment, diabetic eye exams, glaucoma testing, and access to our enormous selection of designer eyewear and sunglasses, located in the Vision Center. If you’re suffering from stubborn red eye, we can help diagnose and treat your condition so that you can be freed of your discomfort and stress. Red eye can be caused by a variety of problems. For example, it’s possible you may be suffering from pink eye or conjunctivitis. You may have dry eye syndrome, an issue that occurs when your tear glands produce an insufficient quality or quantity of tears to properly lubricate your eyes. You may be suffering from allergies, have an issue with your contact lenses, or even be spending too much time staring at your computer. With our help, you can discuss your condition with an eye doctor in Summerlin who can help point you in the right direction in terms of your diagnosis and treatment, ending the reign of red eye over your life.

So don’t hesitate; give us a call at the office of Romy Park, OD, and book an appointment with a helpful eye doctor in Summerlin today!

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