Eye clinic in Summerlin

Eye Clinic in Summerlin

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Treating eye infections in Summerlin

An eye infection might be obviously severe, or your symptoms may only seem mild, but either way you should seek help from our eye clinic in Summerlin right away. You don’t want to risk harm to your eyes, and there is no reason to be uncomfortable for any longer than is absolutely necessary. At the practice of Romy Park, OD, you can depend on the skilled and experienced care that is only possible with an eye specialist.

What causes an eye infection and what can our eye clinic in Summerlin do about it? A virus, bacteria, parasite, fungi, of even irritants and chemicals can be responsible for infections such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) or keratitis. Contact lenses, especially extended wear, can put you at increased risk of keratitis, which affects the cornea. You may not know for sure that you have an eye infection, or even the exact nature of the problem, but there are a group of symptoms that you should be aware of. Any one of them could mean the presence of an eye infection, and two or more make that an even greater likelihood. Some good examples are red eyes or redness of the eyelids, and discharge. Yellow or green are typical colors of discharge, and you may notice that it’s either watery or blood. Furthermore, the feeling that something is in your eye, unusual or sudden sensitivity to light, a gray or white sore on the colored portion of your eye (the iris), blurry vision, diminished vision, and unexplained fever are all possibilities. You will have an examination at our eye clinic in Summerlin. Treatment will be based on the conclusion as to what type of infection you have.

It’s certainly not ideal to have an eye infection. The sooner it is addressed, the better. Call us immediately to arrange a timely appointment.

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