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Bifocal Glasses Las Vegas NV

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Bifocal lenses in Las Vegas NV

Bifocal glasses Las Vegas NV
Bifocal glasses Las Vegas NV

If you are developing problems seeing things that are close up, and need to wear reading glasses, you may be thinking about getting glasses with bifocal lenses. At our vision practice, Romy Park, OD, our expert eye doctor, Dr. Romy Park, can provide you with bifocal glasses Las Vegas NV.

Bifocal lenses are lenses which have two different prescriptions in one lens. Generally, with bifocal lenses, there is the lower section of the lens which is used for seeing things that are close up, such as the print in books or on the computer, and the other part of the lens is used for distance viewing. Bifocal glasses Las Vegas NV are very convenient because the patient does not need to change eyeglasses when they need to see something close up or far away. This is also cost saving since the patient only needs to have one pair of eyeglasses. However, some patients feel that bifocal lenses are not particularly attractive since there is a clear delineation in the lens between the two different lens prescriptions. Today there are also progressive lenses, which can have more than one lens prescription in them. The exciting thing about progressive lenses is that the lenses do not appear to have more than one prescription in them. There is no line of delineation in the lenses, so the lenses are very attractive. Additionally, if patients do not want others to know that they need to wear reading glasses, no one will actually know that while you are wearing progressive lenses. Also, since there are no lines in the lenses, the patient has a larger field of vision. Progressive lenses are a bit more expensive than bifocal lenses. Our optician will be happy to discuss the different lens options with you.

If you are thinking about getting bifocal glasses Las Vegas NV, we hope you will visit our vision practice for complete information, and to purchase your new bifocal or progressive lens glasses.

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